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The Bible: God’s Word to Us

Tuesday, December 26th, 2006

It is the all-time best-seller, the one book most of the planet had heard of, the most widely translated, and the most important book in existence–ever. It has survived history, persecution, and everything thrown at it down through the ages. It is more than a good read, more than good moral suggestions, it is God’s word to us, the ‘Owner’s Manual’ for a person’s life. It contains hope, peace, sound business practices, moral guidelines, history, and the best counsel a man could have.

Many argue for ‘freedom FROM religion’ but look at where that has left mankind. Daily, planet Earth as a whole seems to be moving further away from God, but things seem to get worse overall: Worldwide destruction plagues the minds of many, hoards of pills now are needed just to put the population to sleep at night, people go crazy trying to find an answer to their loneliness, lack of peace, purpose or direction. Most humans ask, what is the meaning of life? Why am I here, and what does it matter anyway?

The answers come from one source. The only One who could possibly know. The One who created you and I with a definite purpose, to follow His definite plan, and thereby lead a life of fulfillment, peace, joy, love and hope for eternity. The one who cares for His creation enough to carefully preserve His Word to us down through the ages, not letting it die out, who cared enough to become a man, suffering the utmost humiliation, torture, and execution to become the only perfect sacrifice so that we could be rejoined with Him.

He loves us so much more than we realize. He created man, man disobeyed and failed Him, but then He made a plan so that we might be saved. You see, this God of love is also a God of righteousness and justice. He cannot just ignore the penalty for sin, it must be dealt with. Therefore, mercy was born, the plan of salvation was put into motion, step by step over the years, and the bible lays it all out for us.

Many focus on the existence of God, but the bible doesn’t start off with His beginning, it starts with OUR beginning. It is a book about God’s relationship with man, and His instructions to us on how to conduct our lives. Besides, He has no beginning or end, He exists outside of the realm of time, for He came up with the idea, set it into motion in Genesis 1:14, and will end time–the beginning of eternity–in Revelation 10:6.

All intelligent beings seek to communicate, and the Creator is no exception: the Bible is His communication to us. Each book of the bible either directly or indirectly claims to be the Word of God. It shows amazing unity despite being written down over a period of 1600 years by more than 40 writers. It is supported by history, archeology, science, fulfilled prophecies, and the somewhat recent finding of the Dead Sea scrolls.

Being the world’s most moral book, the Bible would not proclaim the world’s biggest lie. The world’s noblest and wisest man, Jesus Christ, would not perpetrate the world’s greatest hoax. No one but God could have authored the Bible, for good beings would not falsely claim divine inspiration, and evil beings would not teach such high morality.

Your creator wants to talk with you. The popular belief is a thundering voice from above, but He made a better way. He wrote you a letter containing all you need, advice, hope, instruction. He tells of His great love for you, His hope for your future, and His desire for an intimate, personal relationship with you. He wants to hear from you, as well, through prayer. He loves you more than anything else in creation, more than we ever realize. Just read of all He did for us, when all mankind deserves is His judgment. Read how He has patiently dealt with Man down through the ages, and still calls out to the lost and hurting today.

It’s all in the Bible: God’s Word to Us.